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As soon as you call us we come and assess the damage to your house. From there our team will come and remove all items and store them in our state of the art, safe and secure off site storage facilities.

We are very thorough in our process to best ensure the safety and care of the items that mean the most to you. Our pack out specialists take the time to go through all of your items, log and photograph them and pack them in an organized manner. We personally guarantee the safety of your contents the entire duration that you have entrusted them to us, every step of the way, from transport to pack back.

We also like to make sure the owner is involved every step of the way, allowing them to make the final call of what is damaged beyond repair and what we can salvage. This is our way of ensuring that you feel completely comfortable with all of the decisions being made.

Once all restoration work has been completed, we transport your items back to your home and begin the pack back service. All of the items will be put back in your home in the exact places they were before, taking all of the stress out of the moving process and making sure there is the smoothest transition possible. We understand the stress that situations like these cause and want to alleviate as much as we can, making the process just a little bit easier.

Moving out

The move-out process is done is six steps:

  • Pack Out Pros photographs the property to create a record of the damages/contents.
  • We perform an initial scope.
  • Items are carefully packed, tagged, and inventoried.
  • Items are moved to a warehouse, cleaned and deodorized, and repacked.
  • We assist you with creating an itemized list of losses for your insurance claim.
  • Items are moved back into your home.


Our inventory of the contents helps determine the following:

  • What can be restored versus what needs to be replaced.
  • The most effective cleaning or repair method.
  • Conditions of the property before the damage occurred.
  • The full extent of the loss-which is helpful for insurance purposes.

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